All services

We offer all Videotron services in our store. Plus the answers to your questions and help if you need it.

Details of the offered services


  • Forfaits Trio
    • Subscription digital Television
    • Cable Internet (including TGV)
    • Home or Mobile phone
  • Television
    • Subscription digital Television
    • Purchase of digital PVR
    • Rental of digital PVR


  • Internet
    • Subscription to cable Internet (including TGV)
    • Subscription to mobile Highspeed Internet
    • Purchase of Mobile Internet keys
    • Purchase of Internet devices


  • Telephony
    • Telephony subscription
  • Mobile
    •  Mobile subscription
    • Purchase of mobile devices and accessories
  • Accessories
    • Purchase of accessories for Illico, Internet and telephony
    • Purchase of gift cards

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